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PHP6 and MySQL Bible

Product Description
MySQL is the leading open source database on the market and PHP continues to dominate the server side of the scripting market—together, they are the most popular and common team for creating dynamic, database-driven web sites. This comprehensive book covers the newest version of PHP and MySQL and is packed with extensive code examples, full working applications, and valuable troubleshooting advice. You’ll explore installing, developing, and debugging the latest versions of PHP and MySQL and get insight on advanced topics such as error handling, debugging, PEAR, security, HTTP, cookies, and OOP.

From the Back Cover
Harness PHP and MySQL for robust Web development

Start quickly building dynamic Web applications with the leading open-source scripting tool, the leading open-source database, and this comprehensive guide that shows you exactly how to do it. You’ll learn PHP6 and MySQL inside and out, explore the ups and downs of using open-source technologies, and discover pages of tips and techniques that help you get the most out of this powerful development duo. This book includes extensive code examples, full working applications, and much more.

* Install, develop, debug, and troubleshoot the newest versions of PHP and MySQL
* Get up to speed on PHP basics, including syntax, datatypes, functions, and pitfalls
* Review Structured Query Language (SQL) and data administration basics
* Master advanced PHP features, including object-oriented programming and session handling
* Examine PHP’s interaction with other databases technologies, such as Oracle®
* Explore advanced topics, such as PHP with e-mail programs, and PHP and XML
* Learn how to create a game and much more in extended case studies

About the Author
Joyce Park is a Web developer in Silicon Valley. She has worked on PHP projects of all sizes, including co-lead of the Mod-pulsub project.

Steve Suehring is a technology consultant with a diverse business and computing background. He is the former security editor for LinuxWorld Magazine and has published several books.

Tim Converse is a software engineer at Inktomi Corporation, which is owned by Yahoo!. He has more than a dozen years of programming experience in Lisp, C, C++, Java, and Web techniques, including PHP.
Product Details

* Paperback: 912 pages
* Publisher: Wiley (January 20, 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0470384506
* ISBN-13: 978-0470384503

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