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43 factory coffee roaster - coffee shop must visit in Da Nang

Da Nang has countless coffee shops, from the large to the small one, from lovely to the luxurious pattern. In terms of extraordinary coffee experience, Let's save a destination that you should pass by when coming to Da Nang!

43 Factory Coffee Roaster

As the largest coffee roaster in Da Nang, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster offers a true and professional 3rd-wave-of-coffee experience. 43 Factory connects coffee lovers with thousands of farmers around the world. In those links, 43 Factory, with expertise and enthusiasm, exploits and transmits the value of coffee beans throughout the long journey.

And 43 Factory’s philosophy is that: "Connect and spread true values". That philosophy enables the coffee flavor connects the world and spreads positive concepts of life.

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43 Factory Coffee Roaster - the corner full of coffee aroma

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is located at 422 Ngo Thi Si Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang - a beautiful coastal city. The coffee shop lies on a spacious and large area. That brings a refreshing and welcome feeling when the customers arrive.

With both outdoor space and spacious indoor space, multiple layouts and a two-story building, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster gives you a variety of options for a place to enjoy coffee.

In particular, the whole place is filled with the aroma of coffee beans - the aroma reaches the nose before the food reaches the mouth and you can taste it and be in love with it.

The real world of coffee

43 Factory Coffee Roaster brings to the city of Danang thousands of excellent coffee beans from hundreds of beautiful hills around the world. These lands have ideal conditions suitable for nourishing essences within coffee beans. The fragrance is kept in a wooden shell and transported intact to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. Then, the workers at the coffee shop carefully select the most perfect coffee beans for roasting and brewing.

At 43 Factory, you will hear about strange and interesting methods of making coffee. Not only is a cup of Espresso, a trendy Americano glass, but Immersion, V60 or other sophisticated names are available for you to enjoy and discover: 43 Factory Coffee Roaster creates this coffee essence from what magic ingredients?

The workers at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster are talented Barista. On their hands, coffee beans became a miraculous drink. With skill and dedication, the Baristas connect coffee lovers with farmers from around the world and create a truly third wave of coffee.

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You will find yourself ... through coffee

With the slogan: "Find Yourself through Coffee", 43 Factory Coffee Roaster hopes that you can find yourself through coffee beans.

Strong and passionate like Espresso

Gentle, delicate like Cappuccino

Experiencing ups and downs like Immersion

Or be flexible like Milkbase / Espresso.

You can choose all kinds of coffee and be a multi-personality in society, to make a difference.

Let’s Find yourself at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

>> https:/

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