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The heartfelt moments of 43 Factory Coffee

My phone buzzes. It’s a notification from TripAdvisor that a user gave our coffee shop a two-star rating. In a few days, they’ll be dead.

I have been Head Barista at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster for 1 year. I provide consistent and outstanding customer service. Have you ever read “Setting The Table” by Danny Meyer? I read a chapter whenever I have something on my mind, and that happens everyday.

Surprising and delighting deserving guests is one of my specialties coffee. People love our cold brew—there’s just something about it that tastes special. Customer experience is priority number one for us and our guests are paramount. When our coworkers deliver service that is below standards we remedy the matter by going above and beyond to ensure there is, at the very least, a balance to the overall customer experience.

On the other hand, guests who don’t appreciate our level of service need to be corrected, too. If someone leaves a bad TripAdvisor review for 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, it’s because the reviewer is bad. It’s important in my position to find these reviewers and correct them. It’s not my fault they don’t understand my high-concept culinary craftsmanship.

It takes three minutes for someone to word vomit a poor TripAdvisor review. Just three minutes to write a baseless, uniformed review that throws off a shop’s rating and threatens their existence and livelihood. What qualifications do they have to critique us? There are no certifications, no verifications, no oversight. Do we live in a world without consequences?

I spend hundreds of hours in bar to see the way our customers drink, enjoy, complain or praise; to see all reviews in social network; and I really want to know what they are thinking, what they want from a coffee shop, the coffee flavors they need…

It takes us hundreds of hours to create thoughtful and balanced signature beverages, travel to origin to cup and hand select nano-lots for our curated list of pour-over coffees, not to mention the countless hours we spend finding profile specifications. Even off the clock we’re spending hours upon hours filling the gap working process. If you are not able to concentrate, you won't succeed in anything.

Services sectors goals that please everyone all the time. But I really hope our customers opening their hearts to explore original beauty of coffee, aroma and flavor; to be tolerance for the barista who work with all their hearts.

>> https:/

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