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Immersion hand brewing - The science of artists

Immersion Coffee Brewing has many kinds of brewers. Popular and useful scientific information is applied to make coffee by immersion brewers, results in the finest cup of coffee. It is undeniable that Immersion is the science of baristas.

While we're likely to come across pour-over drippers, we'd be remiss to not take some time to talk about the time-tested and well-loved cast of immersion brewers. They are the wand, yet difficult to use, helps us to create a beautiful and wonderful coffee. Let’s cover some immersion brewers and find out how to be a brilliant artist in the journey of being a barista.

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French Press

French Press has a classic design and remains the basic features of the most widely recognized brewing devices available. It is comprised of glass, metal or ceramic body and a mesh filter plunger separating coffee powder from water. Now, there are many variations on the classic design. But french press coffee remains people’s standard for rich and premium full immersion coffee.

Add coffee powder to the press and brew water evenly over the grounds. After that, gently top the press with the lid and plunger, depressing the plunger just far enough to submerge all of the grounds into the water. Now you have your coffee.


Aeropress is made entirely from BPA-free plastics, making it virtually indestructible and ideal for travel, and its unconventional design makes it capable of a uniquely diverse array of brewing options. Aeropress comes standard with paper filters that go very well and can produce an exceedingly clean cup and balanced flavor.

Completely different from Pour-over, in which the water is gentle to extract essence within coffee grounds, Aeropress has strong and powerful characteristics. By applying downward pressure, the beauty within coffee is showed off in the coffee water. Your coffee is fully brewed once it starts to have a hissing sound effect. In a short time, with a physics fact, we have an interesting coffee.

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When it comes to siphon, people are eager to see an experimental science that produces a wonderful drink. This method applies the reverse osmosis principle. Coffee grounds lie on a brewer and wait for the moment of change. Under the heat, the water in the lower bottle goes upside down to the upper bottle. After the extraction is completed, the heat decreases, the water flows back to the lower bottle.

With simple scientific formulas, the magical taste of coffee beans is retained in the water.

The three formulas all write a song with a coffee scent. And Immersion is indeed the science of talented barista.

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