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Using Joomla: Building Powerful and Efficient Web Sites

Product Description
Why use Joomla? Because with Joomla you don’t need to have any technical expertise or web design experience to create effective websites and web apps. Whether you’re creating your first website or building a multi-function site for a client, this book provides straightforward, hands-on instruction that makes it easy to learn this open source web content management system.

Written by members of the Joomla Leadership Team, Using Joomla helps newcomers quickly learn the basics, while developers with Joomla experience will pick up best practices for building more sophisticated websites. You’ll also find more than a dozen ways to extend the functionality of existing Joomla-built websites. Start building with Joomla in minutes!

* Get guidelines for planning, creating, and organizing your content
* Understand how to create and use Joomla templates to build websites quickly
* Explore how components, modules, and plug-ins can extend your site’s functionality
* Increase your site ranking by using Joomla best practices
* Use built-in components such as banners, news feeds, polls, search, and web links
* Set up an online store, calendar, photo gallery, discussion forum, and more
* Learn important security precautions to safeguard your site

About the Author

Ron Severdia is a Creative Director in the San Francisco Bay Area and has directed interactive branding projects-from web sites and brand identities to interactive campaigns-for clients such as HP, Verizon, Electronic Arts, Yahoo!, Visa,, and Apple. His prior experience includes stints as a Senior Designer and then Creative Director at Young & Rubicam, DDB, Glow, and Landor Associates. Fluent in several languages, he worked for seven years in Europe, where he won several awards for successful creative work. Ron runs the interactive agency Kontent Design and has been using Joomla since 2006 to build sites for companies, large and small, including a worldwide branding site for Citibank. Ron is a member of the Joomla Leadership Team and recently redesigned the new look of and the forthcoming Joomla 1.6 interface.

Kenneth Crowder is a Senior Software Engineer at BIGSHOT, a full-service marketing and advertising agency located in Kansas City, Missouri. His primary role is to develop Joomla extensions and provide knowledge and expertise to support its clients. Prior to BIGSHOT, his experience includes places like Sprint and He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Northwest Missouri State University. Kenneth has been involved in the Joomla Community since its inception. He is a member of the Joomla Leadership Team and has volunteered countless hours to help the open source project.

Product Details

* Paperback: 416 pages
* Publisher: O’Reilly Media; 1 edition (December 28, 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0596804946
* ISBN-13: 978-0596804947

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